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Important Tribes Of Bihar

Important Tribes Of Bihar

 Some important tribes of Bihar.

  1. Asur
  2. Baiga
  3. Banjara
  4. Bhatudi
  5. Bedia
  6. Bhumij
  7. Binjhia
  8. Birhor
  9. Birjia
  10. Chero
  11. Chick Baraik
  12. Gond
  13. Gorait
  14. Ho
  15. Karmali
  16. Kharia
  17. Kharwar
  18. Kondh
  19. Kisan
  20. Kora
  21. Korwa
  22. Lohara or Lohra
  23. Mahli
  24. Mal Pahariya
  25. Munda
  26. Oraon
  27. Parhaiya
  28. Santhal
  29. Sauriya Paharia
  30. Savar

Some important facts about Bathudi : –¬†

  1. They are most colourful and artistic.
  2. Their homes are of mud and are multi coloured flowerly designed.
  3. Their traditional dress code is – dhoti for male and saree for female.
  4. Silver ornament is must for women.
  5. Women have floral tattoos on forehead or arm. This is a ritual.
  6. They are mostly Hindus.

Some important facts about Binjhia : –

  1. They reside near forests and hilly areas.
  2. They are the most advanced.
  3. Their homes are made up of tiles , wood, bamboo and are spaciously designed.
  4. They follow monogamy principles. Widow remarriage is allowed.
  5. Dress – For men – dhoti, kurta ad ganji and for Women – sari, saya and blouse.
  6. Women wear ornaments while going out.

Some important facts about Birjia : –

  1. They are one of the largest tribe of Bihar.
  2. They are mostly farmers.
  3. They are mostly Hindus.
  4. They worship ancestral spirits for peace and prosperity.
  5. Earlier they resided in hilly areas but because of difficulties in agriculture now they have moved to plains.

Some important facts about Chik Baraik : –

  1. They live in rural parts of Bihar.
  2. They do not lie in any dedicated village.
  3. They are very friendly and share space with other tribes.
  4. They are artists.
  5. They make cotton threads and cotton clothes.
  6. Their main language – Mundari, Sadani, Hindi

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